• M Reese

    M Reese

  • Néstor Esquivel

    Néstor Esquivel

    In a constant process of learning about investing in startups, technology & corporate innovation

  • Gabriel Lo

    Gabriel Lo

  • Jesus Reyes

    Jesus Reyes

  • Baris Guzel

    Baris Guzel

    Partner @BMWiVentures. Proud @DukeU, @UNC (yes, both!) and @vcic alumnus. Engineer with top-tier investment banking and VC experience. Views are mine.

  • Larry Costa

    Larry Costa

  • Géry Ducatel

    Géry Ducatel

    Identity Management Consultant for ForgeRock.

  • Kirill Chumachkov

    Kirill Chumachkov

    VC @ Phystech Ventures. Graduated from MIPT (a.k.a. Phystech) and HSE. https://www.linkedin.com/in/kchumachkov/

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